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Inuyasha Opening and Ending Song List

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This is the list of songs that are used through out the whole series of Inuyasha.  I will try to get downloads of all of them as soon as it's available:
Opening 1:  Changing the World (Episodes 1 to 34)
Opening 2:  I am (Episodes 35 to 64)
Opening 3:  Owarinai (Episodes 65 to 95)
Opening 4:  Grip!  (Episodes 96+)
Ending 1:  My Will (Episodes 1 to 20)
Ending 2:  Fukai Mori (Episodes 21 to 41)
Ending 3:  Dearest (Episodes 42 to 60)
Ending 4:  Every Heart, Minna No Kimochi (Epsodes 61 to 85)
Ending 5:  Shinjutsu no Uta (Episodes 86 to 108)
Ending 6:  Itazurana Kiss (Episodes 109+)

This site is not an offical site.  This is just done my fans. This site is not trying to challenge the owners of the Yu Yu Hakusho and the Inuyasha Animes.  Any comments or questions email me at