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Episode 31: Jinenji, King yet Sad
Sango and Kylala are resting.  Miyoga tells, Kagome, Shippo, and Inuyasha that there is was way to save Kylala, while Miroku stays to protect Sango, and Shippo stayed to protect Sango from Miroku.  Kagome and Inuyasha are riding on a bike to get the medicine.  Inuyasha sleeps while they are riding on the bike, and Inuyasha falls off and lands on his head.  And some woman is killed in the forest by a demon.  Kagome and Inuyasha come up to a forest where the villagers are talking about Jeneji, while they assume he killed that women, while they tell to Kagome and Inuyasha the location of Jenenji.  Inuyasha tries to fight Jeneji, while Inuyasha doesn't smell human blood and the villagers throw rocks while Jeneji runs to his mother crying.  And she hits Inuyasha on the head with a log.  And Jeneji, starts making herbs, while Jeneji's mother, tells why the villages attack Jeneji, and tells how she met Jeneji's father.  Kagome and Inuyasha start to head back while Kagome tries to convice Inuyasha to stay.  The Villagers are gathering weapons to attack Jeneji.  Kagome and Inuyasha try to stop them by telling them he is going to capture the real demon.  Kagome goes back while she threatens the villagers if she dies Inuyasha will have to avenge her.  And Kagome helps out on the herb farm.  Where, Jeneji, is a little nervous starts to talk to Kagomes.  And is nevrvous because he never talked to a girl before without them screaming.  Inuyasha's in the forest where he is trying to find the demon that killed that lady where he finds a nest of eggs of demons.  While the villagers are attacking Jeneji, his mom, and Kagome.  Where Kagome protects them and they start to burn the hut.  And then the demon parents and their babies show up.  While Jeniji protects his mother Kagome shoots an arrow at one of the parents and Jeniji protects her by fighting the parent.  And the Villagers attack the babies but, Inuyasha comes in and saves the day for the villagers while Kagome wants Inuyasha to fight the parent but, his mother said don't becuase its Jeniji's fight.  And Jeniji's demon part comes and kills the parent.  While the villagers beg for forgivness Jeniji gives them herbs to help them become better.  When morning comes Kagome and Inuyasha say their goodbyes and leave.  And the villagers come to help out Jeniji.  On their way back, they start talking about Inuyasha's past and it show their true feelings for each other.

Episode 32:  Kikyo and Inuyasha, Into the Miasma

Episode 33: Kikyo, Captured By Naraku
Episode 34: Tetsusaiga And Tenseiga
Episode 35: True Owner Of The Great Sword
Episode 36: Kogome Is Kidnapped By Koga The Wolf Demon

Episode 37: The Man that Fell in Love with Kagome
Shippo changes into Koga to let them escape, but the wolf demon tribe figures it out.  Kagome is recaptured, but Shippo escapes.  Koga proposed to Kogome, the reason is to make their pack unstoppable.  Kogome slaps Koga, Kagome reveals that she is in love with Inuyasha.  However, Inuyasha and the rest of the gang fights of some of the Birds of Paradise.  Inuyasha gets himself captured.  Miroku tells Shippo their plans and Miroku leaves Inuyasha behind.  Koga and the wolf pack take on the Birds of Paradise.  With Kogome, spots the one with the Sacred Jewel Shard.  Kogome stands by while Koga fights, and gets captured, and freed by Kagome.  More Birds of Paradise show up and Inuyasha shows up and saves her.  Koga reveals that Kagome is his women.  Koga goes after the Head Bird of Paradise, but gets captured by the arm with one of the Jewel Shards, and loses the shard in his arm.  Inuyasha steps into play to to attack the Head Bird of Paradise and uses the wind scar to dice the Head Beast of Paradise.  Inuyasha thinks that Koga and Kagome are in love.  Kagome retrieves 2 Jewel Shars.  Koga's and the Head Bird of paradise.  Inuyasha is jealous of Koga.  But, reassures him that nothing happened.  Kagome borrow Kiylala to head back home.

Episode 38: Two Hearts, One Mind
Kagome is back in the present day eating dinner.  Then, its the next day.  She spies on Hojo and a 7th Grader girl.  And the girls want her to go there.  Shippo explains to Sango that Kagome and Inuyasha can go through the time periods, Miroku, is reading palms of the young women.  Inuyasha goes to the present time.  While Kogome is in a McDonalds parody restaurant.  Talkin to her girlfriends abous Inuyasha.  However, not mentioning his name.  Inuahsa gets back in her room, and her little Brother walks in.  Kogome gets back and Inuyasha leaves.  Kagome is in a bath think about Inuyasha.  Hojo invites Kagome to a movie while her friends answer for her.  Shippo tries to convince Inuyasha to go to Kagome, but failed.  And gets thrown.  But, still he tries to convince him again going back home Shippo, uses a bunch of cards and crayons to tell Kiatey the story of Kagome, but using a Dog (Inuyasha), a cat (Kagome), and a Wolf (Koga), being kidnapped by Koga and she goes back to school and breaks off with Hojo.  Kogome comes back and Inuyasha apologives first, and gives back her alarm clock.  Kagome wanted to fight him and Miroku and Sango holds her back.  Then, the had to open their big mouths, and Inuyasha chase Miroku, Sango, and Shippo.  And the ending this episode Kiatey tells her to forgive him.

Episode 39: Trapped in a Duel to the Death
Shippo opens up by showing Kagome his drawings, and telling her, that he showed Kaede and the village before he showed her.  Then shoot, too two of the Wolf tribe and where one is sleeping and the other scares the sleeping one.  and from the northern cave some tribe members come to tell them about Niraku, and they come to ask them to combine forces but, Koga says that he is not interested.  While Koga thinks about his fight with the Leader of the Birds of Paradise.  And he thinks about revenging Inuyasha.  And then, Miroku and Shippo try to convince him about Kagome, and then they come onto a Bear hunt, where a Bear with a Jewel Shard, however, Inuyasha's thinking about getting Koga back, while they meet up with three theives who want the Kagome and Sango, And then Sango, throws her big boomerang thing to protect them.  And then Kagome locates the Jewel Shard in the bear's forehead, while then Nirakus Poison Insects attack the bear and take the Jewel Shard.  Then, Nirakus minion comes into play, where she takes to Niraku telepathiclyAnd then the Northern Wolf trib attacks her, but then they get killed in who fell swoop by her fan.And One of them is able to make it back to tell Koga, and gives him a Jewel Shard which he puts it in his left Arm.  While the one that came back was a zombie.  Next, Inuyasha makes the scene where they walk in to see the dead wolf tribe.  And the Minion uses her powers to make them all zombies, and they attack Inuyasha where Inuyasha attacks them.  While they keep coming back to life.  Then, Koga makes the scene to see the blood from the tribe on Inuyasha's hands, and he thinks that Inuyasha killed them.  While Inuyasha, says that they were already dead, and Kagome tries a shot but, Koga doesn't beleive either one of them.  While Miroku and Songa reveal what possible happened.  Which then Inuyasha and Koga start to fight.  And Kagome tries to find a way to stop them,  Kagome notices that there is something Different about the Jewel Shards.  Kagome tries another time to tell Koga but, he still doesn't beleive him.  While Shippo says that he will remain loyal to his tribes.  Sango and Miroku charge right into the castle where they meet, Kagura.  Naraku's Minion.  While she just throws a demon puppet, while she leaves to go check on Inuyasha and Koga.

Episode 40:  The Deadly Trap Of Kagura, The Wind Sorcress

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