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When you apply for a position, I need a valid email address.  Also, you need to tell why you want that position!!!

Spirit Detective 16
Description: He is the webmaster of Yusuke and Inuyasha's Place, he also is one of the toughest Spirit Detectives you ever meet.  Spirit Dectective will also be around due to being a spirit. (Note: He is a lot smarter and stronger than Yusuke will ever be.)

Shinobu Sensui
Description: I'm 18 years old, I enjoy drawing, listening to music, of course watching anime (my top 2 favorites are and I'm not joking Yu Yu Hakusho is 1 and Inuyasha is 2) I guess my favorite character in YYH has to be either Hiei or Sensui. Favorite Inuyasha character is definitely Miroku. I can't think of anything else right now, I hope this is enough. ^__^

This site is not an offical site.  This is just done my fans. This site is not trying to challenge the owners of the Yu Yu Hakusho and the Inuyasha Animes.  Any comments or questions email me at