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Inuyasha Episodes 1 to 10
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Episode 1: Girl Who Overcame Time & The Boy Who Was Just Overcome
Episode 2: Seekers Of The Sacred Jewel
Episode 3: Down The Rabbit Hole & Back Again
Episode 4: Yura Of The Demon Hair
Episode 5:  Aristocratic Assassin, Sesshomaru
Episode 6: Tetsusaiga, The Phantom Sword
Episode 7: Showdown! Inuyasha Vs. Sesshomaru
Episode 8: Toad Who Would Be Prince
Episode 9: Enter Shippo Plus, The Amazing Thunder Brothers!
Episode 10: Phantom Showdown:  The Thunder Brothers Vs. Tetsusaiga

This site is not an offical site.  This is just done my fans. This site is not trying to challenge the owners of the Yu Yu Hakusho and the Inuyasha Animes.  Any comments or questions email me at